Mekluc Freight is affiliated with all airlines departing out of South Africa. The company is a member of SAAFF adhering to stringent Rules & Regulations within the Freight Forwarding Industry.


Rather than Special Cargo, General Cargo consists of a great variety of goods unpacked or packed that are not classified. We can help you with the transportation of:

  • Household Goods
  • Commercial Goods
  • Manufacturing materials
  • Mining Equipment etc…

Mekluc Freight specializes in customized solutions that require a high level of technical air freight-related expertise. We offer a personal service. Our employees are fast, well-qualified and possess extensive knowledge of customs requirements.

As a result, goods are dispatched to final destinations quickly, safely and cost-effectively, as a direct shipment or through consolidated solutions. You will receive a quick reply when requesting a quote. And you can be sure we offer quick and well-considered solutions.

The characteristics of our service

  1. Fast and personal service
  2. Competitive rates
  3. Extensive knowledge of customs requirements
  4. Customized and consolidated solutions


    Pet Transport

We can assist you with the transportation of almost every animal. We are affiliated with Airlines and Exotic animal transporters who we have carefully vetted.

How we transport:


  • We will choose the most pet friendly airline with the shortest route when booking your pet’s flight. Your pets will travel in the livestock hold of the aircraft below the passenger cabin – this area is dimly lit, heated and pressurized. All pets have to be booked for their flights several hours before their departure time. We offer 2 types of services:
    1. Door to airport:

    We collect pets from your residence – we then fly them to your required city airport- then you collect your pets upon their arrival at the airport.

    1. Airport to airport:

    You deliver pets to the airport or to our kennels – then we fly your pets to required airport then you collect your pets upon their arrival at the airport.

    Importing pets into South Africa

    Your dedicated consultant will advise you on the requirements and documentation needed to enter South Africa. We will apply for your import permit and upon arrival in South Africa we will meet the incoming flight and liaise with the state vet and customs officers to clear your pets into South Africa. We offer 2 types of services:

    1. Import assistance only

    From a South African airport to your residence: upon arrival we meet the incoming flight, clear customs, (if quarantine is required: we will arrange the stay at the quarantine facilities) and then we will deliver your pets to your residence; All quotations are for this option unless you have different requirements, where we will tailor your quote.

    1. Full Export & Import services

    Door to door: our agent will collect your pets from residence at your origin – then the pets will be flown into South Africa – upon arrival we meet the incoming flight, clear customs, (if quarantine is required: we will arrange the stay at the quarantine facilities) and then we will deliver your pets to your residence; To receive a door to door quote please contact us.Click Here for the Required Documents

    Dangerous Goods

    Dangerous goods are substances which pose risk to health, safety, property or the environment during operation and/or transportation such:  flammable liquids, paint, solvents, poison, corrosive materials, compressed gases and other controlled items.   We are able to forward most dangerous goods hassle free, around the world by Air, Road & Sea Freight depending the urgency & product type. Our in-house packaging department will re-package DGR goods & label according to International transporter standards

    There are nine classes of dangerous goods, plus a few sub-classes. The class your shipment falls under will affect how you pack, label and transport it.


    Click Here to Download Required Documents



    1. Explosive substances and articles
      (Like fireworks or flares)
    2. Gas

    2.1. Flammable gas
    (Like aerosols or camping gas)


    2.2. Non-flammable gas
    (Like compressed oxygen)


    2.3. Toxic gas

    (Like Oxygen)


    3.Flammable liquids
    (Like solvents or paints)



    4.1. Flammable solids
    (Like matches)


    4.2.Substances liable to spontaneous combustion
    (Like phosphorus)


    4.3.Substances that emit flammable gases
    when in water
    (Like calcium carbide)


    5.1. Oxidizing substances
    (Like fertilizer)


    5.2. Organic peroxides
    (Like fiberglass repair kits)



    6.1. Toxic substances
    (Like pesticides)


    6.2. Infectious substances
    (Like blood tests or medical trials)


    7.   Radioactive material
    (Like smoke detectors)


    8.   Corrosive substances
    (Like bleach or drain cleaner)


    9.   Miscellaneous
    (Like bleach or drain cleaner)



    When we lose a loved one, it is one of the most traumatic events in our lives. Especially when it happens in a placeaway from home.

    We understand the importance of assisting family members during a time of loss.

    With our network throughout the world Mekluc Freight will arrange transportation of your loved one, worldwide.

    We facilitate with all legal documentation required for the repatriation process.

    Repatriation Services

    If you have sadly lost a loved one in death but would like their final resting place to be somewhere abroad, we can help you to arrange this.

    Repatriation services are something that we specialized in, it is a service where we arrange global transportation of the remains of the deceased body/ashes back home.

    You can be sure we at MEKLUC FREIGHT arrange for the safe TRANSPORTATION  of the remains of your loved one whether abroad or back to South Africa. Click Here For Required Documents